Truth is not stranger than fiction

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– by Jaikar Mohan

There are lots of things one finds in desi movies that have one doing a literal double-take. Yes, one needs to suspend one’s disbelief when watching a typical desi film – we’ve all had plenty of practice believing that people are able to create songs and set them to tunes on the spur of the moment, that folks can disguise themselves for years just by donning a pair of sunshades, that  40-year-olds can be college students. But we’re not talking about what has become par for the course. We are talking about scenes that require one to take that suspension of disbelief to a whole new level. Here, then, is an anthology that is sure to boggle your mind and leave you asking ” Whaaaat ? Did I just see what I thought I saw??”

Take notes, young Casanovas, on accessories that will impress the beautiful heiress . Imagine this scene: dry barren lands surrounded by hills on all sides. No sign of water anywhere in the frame. Looks like the place hasn’t received any kind of rain for years together, leave alone a lake or a river there. And out steps a jaunty Dev Anand in a natty outfit and the funkiest of all accessories – a fishing rod. With a plastic fish hanging from it.   Is he going to win his lover girl by flaunting such unimaginable accessories? Watch it and find out in this classic from ‘Jewel Thief’

Who said vegetarians are weak ? Sanjay Dutt is a ruthless killer, alcoholic and womanizer who is smitten by Madhuri. His guards abduct her and leave her at his mercy . As he leers at her, Madhuri breaks into a dance to express her contempt for him. But wait ! This is not the unbelievable part. At the end of the clip, an animal knocks the Dutt down flat, enabling Madhuri to flee. Guess which animal ? Hint 1 : It is a herbivore  Hint 2: It has two long ears.

Yes, you guessed right ! Out of the blue an innocuous little rabbit  flies at the deadly Dutt and lands him a knock-out punch. Watch the super strong knock out punch here.

Not surprisingly, this  creativity is not restricted to the Hindi movies alone. Here are a few such classics from the worlds of Tollywood and Kollywood.

Bullet Balakrishna – Villain ties up the hero and his near and dear ones. Common enough! There is a bomb tied to one of them. Common again! Hero tries to save everyone. No movie is complete without this! Now comes the shocker – how does he save everyone ? Watch this for the one and only Bullet Balakrishnan in action.

Matrix Vijayakanth – Don’t despair that Matrix hasn’t been released in Indian languages. Our Tamil movies more than fill the gap. Watch Vijayakanth in this ‘glass-shattering’ sequence proving as an inspiration to some of the Hollywood superstars. Here comes the Kollywood Matrix.

And if you haven’t gone bonkers laughing your heart out, here are two more plum examples of magical realism from the South Indian film industry.

Enjaaaaaay !!

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