More things about me than anyone wanted to know:

– I recently founded a startup in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley . Prior to that, I was privileged to have worked with a ton of wonderful people at eBay, Yahoo and Oracle.

– I have an MBA from Stanford Business School and an engineering degree from Bangalore University. At Stanford, I was involved with Women in Management, the South Asian Students Association, wrote for the Reporter on occasion and also helped my husband with his startup. In Bangalore, I was involved with two international students associations and the Rotaract.

– I can speak, or try to speak several languages. So I am universally despised by people speaking English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, French, German and Spanish for my mistreatment of their language.

– I like to read, travel and cook. My ideal vacation would be to take cooking classes in Japan or Italy. Send a paypal donation to make that happen !

– I have a four-year-old son and a husband who’s passionate about investing in India and Apple products.

– My name means “moonlight” in Sanskrit. What, you don’t know Sanskrit ? Shame on you !

-Yes, I like films. But only good ones.

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  1. It was nice talking to you today. I hope to take the decision soon. Your answer has cleared the illusion.



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