MoovieShoovie aims to create the world’s largest marketplace dedicated to quality cinema. With content of all kinds overwhelming us in a veritable digital tsunami, it is increasingly hard for people who love great cinema to find it; and for people who create great cinema to make their voices heard. In this world of frenetic marketing, one tends to forget that there are literally thousands of wonderful Indian films that have been forgotten or never really found the audience they deserved. Chain stores don’t stock them ( one of us had a trying experience trying to find Deewar in a Very Large Chain Store) and of course, cinemas don’t play them any more.

Most films are famous for eight minutes, and rightly so.On the other hand, there are films that tug at your heartstrings, fill you with emotion, nostalgia, happiness. It doesn’t matter when these films were made, who acts in them or even what language they were made in. All you know is that you can never grow tired of watching them. It is this kind of film that we pursue and want to re-surface to the world.

Are we intellectuals ? Sophisticates ? Snobs ? We aspire to be all those things someday, but today our vision is much simpler than that – we  aim to create an oasis where you can always find a film that’s worth your time. MoovieShoovie is not for everyone, and it’s not for every type of film. But over time, we hope to have a lot of the films you love and none of the films you are indifferent to.

See for yourself : Read our blog at, or join the gang at the Adda. Or watch a film .

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